Temple of Heaven - Green Tea -2lb

Mild Green Tea. Also known as Pinhead Gunpowder because its tightly rolled leaves resemble powder used in cannons on 18th century British ships. Unlike much of the lesser quality "gunpowder" teas that are bulk packed for export, Xanadu Temple of Heaven is meticulously hand packed into very small containers for protection and to preserve freshness and quality. Temple of Heaven, a green tea, surrenders a cup rich in flavor, with a surprisingly full body. When fully steeped, the tender whole leaves unfurl, spilling out deep rich flavor.

Temple of Heaven surrenders a cup rich in flavor and surprisingly full bodied compared to most other green teas. The taste is smooth and clean with a slightly herbal nature. As with other quality green teas, enjoy our temple of Heaven without milk or sugar.

    • Tea Company: Xanadu

    • Type : Green Tea

    • Origin: China

    • Flavor : Mild, herbal

    • Packaging: Loose leaf tea, 2 lb bag