Sea Star Starter Kit: Salt Mill - 4" & Sea Salt

Great Gift! Sea Star salt mills are made especially for Sea Star Sea Salt.

  • 4" Salt Mill
  • 3/4 lbs Sea Salt
  • Will not corrode
  • From Sea of Brittany
  • Evaporated from 100% pure sea water

Salt's salt, right? Not when you've tasted this natural course sea salt! Noticeably moist, with lots of overlaying flavors and less harsh than regular salt, this flavorful and rare sea salt contains all the natural nutrients, minerals and trace elements of the purest sea in the world: the Sea of Brittany in France. This salt is naturally evaporated from 100% pure sea water. Once a year it is raked and harvested by hand as it has been for centuries -- when the climate is exactly right for gentle drying by sun and wind. Use sea salt instead of regular salt. Try it rubbed on roast beef or fish! (3/4 lb Canister).

Sea Star Starter Kit: includes both the 4" Salt Mill (made specifically for use with this moister sea salt) and 3/4-lb. of salt.