Rijsttafel Indonesian Spices

Indonesian Flavors at their Finest! Season your favorite dishes with one of these tasty spice mixes. All mixes are gluten-free.

Ginger Lemongrass Chicken Seasoning - Ginger, garlic, oriental spices, red chili pepper, lemongrass and shrimp paste. Serve with Indonesian fried rice or use it with chicken, lamb or seafood.
Peanut Sauce Mix (Satay) - Mix peanut butter with this packet containing oriental spices, garlic, onion powder, brown sugar and crushed hot chilies to create this great Satay sauce.
Stirfried Rice Mix (Nasi Goreng) - Use this mix of Oriental spices, garlic powder, hot chili peppers and dehydrated shrimp paste with your favorite stir fry.
Curry Mix with Lemon Grass - Use this packet of fine spices, curry, lemongrass and hot chilies to make a wonderful curry.
Chicken or Seafood Seasoning (Bali Style) - Spice up your chicken or seafood with this combination of oriental spices, garlic, tumeric and red chili peppers.

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Indonesian Flavors at their Finest!

These spice recipes are from the Molenaar family tradition, from grandfather's 16 years in Indonesia with the Dutch Navy. He sailed around the Horn in a fully rigged three-masted ship, and developed a passion for Indonesian cuisine. Grandmother passed these recipes on to her grandchildren.

The name "Rijsttafel" was coined by the colonial Dutch and the meal can be comprised of more than dishes that were
served to Indonesian royalty on holidays. It is best described as an Indonesian smorgasboard and is a MUST DO when visiting Amsterdam.

The BOUILLABAISSE recipe requires only 20 minutes prep time and makes over 1 gallon of base which can be portioned
and frozen for a future quick delicious bouillabaisse dinner.