Peugeot Daman u-Select Salt Mill 6.5"

This acrylic and stainless steel salt mill is equipped with Peugeot's exclusive u-Select system, the grind setting of each Peugeot mill is easily adjusted to any point between powdery-fine and very coarse.

The clear acrylic top of this Daman u'Select salt mill shows off the beautiful salt crystals to perfection. The center shaft has been removed and the reservoir stopper screws on, providing the benefit of greater spice capacity in the reservoir and easier refilling. This mill is equipped with Peugeot's exceptional salt grinding mechanism: it is unlike anything else on the market. Its two ribbed plates are made from a stainless steel blend that offers resiliency, rigidity and resistance to corrosion from dry salts. When the mechanism is activated, the ribs work to twist and fracture each salt crystal to the desired size.

Height: 6.5"