Fletchers' Mill Border Grill 8" Salt Mill - Cherry

  • Solid hardwood
  • Cherry finish
  • Hand crafted in Maine
  • Pop-out mechanisms for easy cleaning
  • Nylon crushing system to deliver variable granularity for salt
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Height: 8"

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger - professional chefs and owners of Border Grill and Ciudad - have long extolled the virtues of freshly ground black pepper. Designed by the restaurants' internationally acclaimed architect, Josh Schweitzer, the 8" Border Grill and 6" Ciudad are available in pepper and salt mills.

Exacting chefs want and need complete control over the seasoning of their dishes—and Fletchers' Mill give them precise control through a patented “Lock and Grind” grinding system. Fletchers' salt mills use a nylon crushing system to deliver variable granularity for salt.

Grinding is performed in a two-step process:
First, the peppercorns are crushed to release their natural oils and flavors;
Next, they are ground to the chosen consistency for perfect results every time.