Black Dragon Choicest - Oolong Tea - 2lb

Mild Oolong Tea. Formosa oolongs capture the finest flavor and aromatic qualities of green and black teas. In early summer, leaves are harvested, steamed and carefully wrapped in small soft blankets for gentle hand kneading. This tea yealds a honey-colored mild liquor, with a flowery sweetness and delicate ripe, peach-like aroma.

Yielding a honey-colored liquid with flowery sweetness and delicate ripe peach-like aroma, our rare Black Dragon Choicest Oolong has none of the astringency associated with common oolong teas. Black Dragon Choicest Oolong is best when enjoyed brewed without milk or sugar.

  • Tea Company : Xanadu
  • Type : Oolong Tea
  • Origin : Formosa (Taiwan)
  • Flavor : Mild, sweet, floral
  • Packaging:Loose leaf tea, 2 lb bag