Assam Estate TGFOP Tea - 2lb

Strong Black Tea.Nestled between Tibet and Burma lies the Assam Valley, where Xanadu's Estate tea is hand harvested before monsoons sweep up the valley. The broad, long leaf creates a stronger, sparkling liquor most suitable for morning tea. The Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (TGFOP) grade signifies brightly colored leaf edges on choice large leaves - the finest quality.

A tea brimming with body and flavors, Assam Estate TGFOP rewards the drinker with a deep malty taste, and a rich smooth nature. Perfect to enjoy with milk, or brewed strong and taken straight.

  • Tea Company : Xanadu
  • Type : Black Tea
  • Origin : India
  • Flavor : Strong, malty
  • Packaging:Loose leaf tea, 2 lb bag