Alder Roasting Plank

Capture the extraordinary flavor of the ancient Native American cooking method of "planking." With these alder planks, designed for use in modern ovens, you need no oils or fats to permeate your seafood, meat or poultry with the tangy, woodsy flavor of the Pacific Northwest.

Alder delivers a robust smoke flavor coupled with a light vanilla overtone. Western Alder is the wood traditionally used in the Pacific Northwest for smoking food. Because of its rich, pure smoke flavor, it is known as the premier wood for smoking.

Detailed craftsmanship is a main ingredient to every Nature's Cuisine cooking plank, including fitted, rust-resistant steel rods on both ends to prevent warping and provide lasting durability.  Roasting Planks with the rods not inserted can be used in the microwave as well.

Every Nature's Cuisine roasting plank is crafted in the Pacific Northwest from a solid piece of the finest quality wood, and are harvested only from self sustaining and renewable forest resources.

All roasting planks are packaged with recipes and instructions.

The Alder Roasting Plank measures 7" x 17" x 1.5"

Made in the USA