Genmaicha - Green Tea - 2lb

Limited quantity available as this tea is being discontinued.

Medium strength Green Tea. Genmaicha is a brilliant example of the art of tea. Its young leaves are hand-harvested from the carefully tended tea bushes of Shizuoka Prefecture. Puffs of roasted rice are then added, creating a visually intriguing tea with a delicate sweetness in the final light cup.

For delicious flavor, the master Japanese tea-maker blends in a small amount of brown rice during the last firing-some of which pop open as they are toasted-adding a delicate nutty and toasty sweetness to the final cup. Always drink Japanese green teas straight, without milk or sugar.

    • Tea Company: Xanadu

    • Type : Green Tea

    • Origin: Japan

    • Flavor : Medium, nutty, sweet

    • Packaging: Loose leaf tea, 2 lb bag