Russian Caravan - Blended Black Tea - 2 lb

Strong Blended Black Tea.

A whisper of smoky flavor in this tea's infusion conjures up images of camels ferrying tea along trade routes between Chinese emperors and Russian czars. Blended of Chinese teas, Russian Caravan's distinctive flavor and romantic bouquet evoke the mood and memory of traveling to exotic lands.

A black tea blend unlike any other, Xanadu Russian Caravan recreates the fabled dark teas fo the Czars. Full flavored Chinese black tea-wonderfully accented with a subtle smoky note created by wood fires-brews up strong and bold, perfect with milk.

    • Tea Company: Xanadu

    • Type : Black Tea

    • Origin: China

    • Flavor : Strong, smoky

    • Packaging: Loose leaf tea, 2 lb bag