Guatemala Antigua Coffee - 5lb

True Antigua coffees have a distinctive zip to them -- a unique flavor shared by no other coffee. This coffee is rich tasting, light bodied, with subtle chocolate notes and marked acidity.

Guatemala's Antigua region, nestled in the southwest mountains on the Pacific side of the country, is renowned for the coffee it produces. Coffee first came to Antigua in the mid-1700s, when Jesuit priests planted coffee as an ornamental shrub for the garden of their monastery. Guatemala Antigua coffee- grown today on estates surrounding the old city- is known for its rich flavor and distinctive acidity. The very high altitude of the city, over 5,000 in elevation, creates a cool and cloudy environment, slowing the growth of the coffee and intensifying the flavor.
    • Roast: Peak Roast (Mild)
    • Flavor: Intense
    • Body: Light
    • Acidity: Very Bright
    • Aroma: Delicate, Mild
    • Packaging: 5 lb bag