Fletchers' Mill Columbia 6" Pepper Mill - Black Stain

Also called the "upside down" mill, the Columbia is designed to be stored on it's top, so the mechanism won't leave pepper dust on your table.

  • Solid hardwood
  • Black stain finish
  • Hand crafted in Maine
  • Pop-out mechanisms for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel 2-step grinding mechanism
  • “Lock & Grind” grinding system
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Height: 6"

Exacting chefs want and need complete control over the seasoning of their dishes—and Fletchers' Mills give them precise control through a patented “Lock and Grind” grinding system. This unique mechanism ensures perfect consistency – whether fine grinds for fish, medium grinds for gravies or coarse grinds for meats.

Grinding is performed in a two-step process:
First, the peppercorns are crushed to release their natural oils and flavors;
Next, they are ground to the chosen consistency for perfect results every time.