Portland Blend Coffee - 5lb

Inspired by Panache's hometown, this blend is for genuine coffee lovers. Panache's exclusive blend combines Indonesian, Central American and dark roasted coffees to create a smooth brew with pleasant, sweet undertones.

In all parts of the country, this is Panache coffee's most popular blend . The base is a light and bright mix of Central and South American coffees for brightness and aroma which is added aVelvet-roasted Latin American and Indonesian coffees for a fall, rich flavor. This blend is then topped off with a moderate portion of French roast for depth and a bit of spice in the cup. (Also in European decaffeinated.)

    • Roast: Peak, Velvet and French Roast (Dark)

    • Flavor: Rich with Sweet Undertones

    • Body: Moderate

    • Acidity: Medium

    • Aroma: Complex

    • Decaffeinated: Available in European Process Decaffeination

    • Packaging: 5 lb bagnbsp;