Anniversary Blend Coffee 5lb

This strong yet smooth blend with a lingering taste, is our darkest roast. It is perfect for lovers of stout coffee.

A mixture of three different coffees, from Central and South America as well as Indonesia, all done to the darkest roast level. The Sumatra from Indonesia contributes the smooth body and richness, with the balance of the blend contributing flavor and aroma. It is difficult to blend coffees for roasting to this depth, as most coffees do not hold up well at these levels, with the blend becoming shallow or even burnt tasting. Any darker roast than Anniversary would likely be flat and lifeless, with a carbonized note. The one blend that Panache apply this roast to – Anniversary Blend – is deeply flavored, yet balanced, despite the advanced roast.

  • Roast: Anniversary Roast (Darkest)
  • Flavor: Intense
  • Body : Full
  • Acidity : Light
  • Aroma: Spicy
  • Packaging: 5 lb bag whole bean