Sencha Spiderleg - Green Tea - 2lb

Mild Green Tea.
It is rare to find the pale-green cup of a grand sencha tea outside Japan, as little is produced and most is reserved for local consumption. Yet Xanadu has discovered a sencha producing garden near the slopes of Mt. Fuji. Basket fired, the leaves of this Sencha fan out like the long legs of a spider for an intriguingly beautiful tea.

Gently releasing a slightly sweet, fresh from the bush flavor, Sencha Spiderleg tea is delicately flavored with an ephemeral body and brightly lingering aftertaste. Drink this green tea straight, without milk or sugar.

    • Tea Company: Xanadu

    • Type : Green Tea

    • Origin: Japan

    • Flavor : Mild

    • Packaging: Loose leaf tea, 2 lb bag