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"Strong Black Tea. The district of Dimbula produces this tea, one of the world's finest and most challenging to harvest. Grown at over 2,000 feet in the south-central mountains of Ceylon, this tea is harvested by hand in January and February when the leaves are young and tender, filled with the maximum amount of flavor. After harvest, Ceylon Supreme #1 leaves are quickly withered to soften the leaves and concentrate the flavor, and rolled repeatedly into their circular shape. The flavor of Ceylon Supreme #1 is full, with a dark amber extraction. Smooth - with a remarkable depth enhanced by its moderate acidity - this Xanadu tea may be enjoyed black, or with a bit of milk for extra richness."

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"Xanadu Ceylon Supreme #1 is full flavored, with a dark amber extraction.  This tea is smooth, with a remarkable depth enhanced by its moderate acidity.
  • Tea Company: Xanadu
  • Type : Black Tea
  • Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  • Flavor : Strong, full, smooth
  • Packaging: Loose leaf tea, 2 lb bag